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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 14, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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>> bret: it is a dangeus scene. drop me a line at twitter at bret underscore baier. tell us what you think of the graphics. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced, and unafraid. captions by closed captioning services >> shepard: this is the fox report. the president's health care law. is it constitutional? now the supreme court will hear the case. and across the nation, they rally against income and equality. now, cracking down on the occupiers. >> cops move in to clear out some of the camps. >> people have a right to assemble and to protest what the government is doing. >> most of the campers agreed voluntarily to leave peacefully. >> shepard: but in other spots. [shouting] >> shepard: things are not so peaceful. plus, the former penn state coach accused of molesting
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little boys is reportedly still cashing checks from the university. now, new questions about the judge who let jerry sandusky go free. and an airline pays the price for stranding hundreds of people on planes for hours. it's the first fine of its kind. tonight, what passengers could get out of the deal. but first from fox this monday night, the showdown is on at the u.s. supreme court. the justices have now agreed to hear a challenge to president obama's health care overhaul. and the ruling expected next summer just before election day. a couple of months before. the high court reports it will hear argue aments in march over a lawsuit by 26 states. they argue the law is unconstitutional because congress cannot force most americans to buy health insurance or pay a penalty. >> never before has the commerce clause been stretched so far as to force americans to purchase a product we
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believe the supreme court will not expand the commerce clause to include that mandate on americans and infringe upon their liberties. >> the majority of those courts have, indeed, ruled that the individual mandate, which has been most challenged aspect of the law is, indeed, constitutional. and i think it's very appropriate that the court move on. we have a decision. >> shepard: four federal appeals courts have ruled on this law. one struck down the insurance requirement as unconstitutional. shannon bream is live tonight at the supreme court. and shannon, truth is, there is more to this thing than just the individual mandated within. >> absolutely. even if the justices decide to strike down the mandate, they have to get to the next issue, which is servelt. this court will have to decide whether or not the law, the rest of it is stand on its own if the mandate is taken out. folks reporting to arguments in one those lower federal courts in which obama attorneys admitted if you take the mandate away it will be tough for the law to survive on its own, shep.
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>> shepard: they are going to devote an unprecedented amount of time to this case. >> normally if your case is granted here, you get one hour of argument time. each side gets 30 minutes. rare occasions 90 minutes, maybe two hours. today the justices said they are allotting five and a half hours on arguments stemming from the health care law. we haven't seen anything like it in modern times. maybe a record, shep. >> shepard: calls for two justices on the court to recuse themselves from hearing. this justice thomas because of his wife involvement and benefiting from working with groups that oppose the law actively. some on the left say that means he needs to step down and recuse from. this others on the right are pointing to justice kagan. part of the administration while the law was being crafted. she is too close to it. in fact, newly released emails from the department of justice in response to a freedom of information act that show as conversation she had by email with a harvard law professor the day that the house actually voted to pass the law
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it says it looks like they have the votes, larry, simply amazing. critics say she can't be impartial. so far, shep, neither justice giving any indication they plan to step down. >> shepard: shannon bream live at the supreme court tonight. shannon, thank you. the penn state scandal now and the assistant football coach jerry sandusky was so respected within the penn state community supports of his charity for disadvantaged kids including the university and the county judge. that was before allegations that coach sandusky sexually assaulted several little boys before he embarrassed the school, before he stood before that very same judge who allowed him to walk free on bail. we're learning much more tonight about coach san's charity, the second mile. we know penn state donated thousands of dollars to the group. our fox station in philadelphia wtxf reports the judge on the left side of your screen donated more than $500 herself and volunteered for the charity. and earlier this month, she allowed the former penn state
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assistant football coach to post a $100,000 bail. david lee miller is live on the penn state campus tonight. david lee, people are taking another look at this charity as we are reporting tonight. >> indeed they are, shepard. the charity is reeling. and we just learned today that over the weekend the ceo of the charity, a man identified as jack rake very much resigned from his $100,000 a year job. criticism for maintaining a relationship with the founder jerry sandusky even after jerry sandusky was accused of having inappropriate relationships with children. the new head of the charity said he was devastated and sickened by the allegations. we also asked him if he was surprised. >> i think that a definition of shock by a lot of people as they read through there is a valid motion, also. yeah. i think that's a valid emotion that a lot of people would have, you know, as they read the allegation. >> did you? >> yes. >> and in another development we are learning tonight that mike mcquery has emailed
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friends and former teammates telling them i just didn't turn and run. i made sure it stopped. is he talking about the abuse, that according to the grand jury report, he witnessed in 2002. that report, shepard, coming from nbc news. back to you. >> shepard: the accused in this case, jerry sandusky, we now understand that penn state is still paying him a salary of sorts. >> that's right. he retired in 1999. he got a lump payment of nearly $150,000. and ever since then he has been getting $60,000 a year as a pension. he is not the only one who still cash ago paycheck. gary schultz, the former vice president for finance and business accused of perjury and failing to report the abuse when he retired a while back he got $421,000. shepard, he still receives a pension now of about $27,000 each month shep? >> shepard: david lee miller live at penn state. occupy wall street. cops have cleared out occupy
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oakland protesters for a second time as they respond to reports of violence, vandalism, death and illness. protesters are vowing they will come back. officers in heavy armor raided the plaza from city hall. police tore down tents and arrested several dozen demonstrators. the raid came days after a deadly shooting near the camp site left protesters panicked. [screams] >> still no arrest on that shooting. but cops say one of the suspects was a frequent resident of the occupy camp. that's giving new ammunition to officials claims that the protests are breeding crime. oakland is the latest city in a weekend of crackdowns across the bay in san francisco. protesters attacked two cops. we're told they suffered minor injuries. cops? salt lake city made 19 arrests on saturday. this after a man wound up dead in his tent. detectives blame a deadly mix of carbon monoxide and drugs. and in albany new york. cops arrested 37 people who they say disobeyed a curfew.
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but the city's district attorney says they will toss out all those charges. the chief fox report correspondent jonathan hunt is with us here tonight. there is growing pressure on these protesters not just in those cities but really across the country. >> there really is, shep. so many people sleeping in the streets across the cities obvious health concerns including a possible outbreak of tuberculosis we're told among protesters down in atlanta. also the concerns over violence. the shooting you mentioned in oakland but also allegations of assault and even rape in various cities. so the authorities have moved in. the protesters are fighting it. physically in some cases, in dallas, they are fighting their eviction from a park there. going to the courts instead. in areas in cities like portland, where they were cleaning up today, following the eviction of the protesters over the weekend there, many are saying they will be back. so, shep, this is far from over. >> shepard: all this began, of course, in new york city months ago now. what's the situation here? >> well, there is some pressure on mayor bloomberg
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here to get something done and to, perhaps, evict the protesters from their site in downtown manhattan. but the mayor himself seems to be fed up answering that question. listen to this short, kurt response today. >> as i have said before, we will do what we think is appropriate when it's appropriate. >> now, mayor bloomberg was also asked today about plan by the protesters this coming thursday to, in their words, shut down wall street. this was his equally kurt response. >> that new york stock exchange will open on time people will be able to get to work. you can rest assured. >> few people will bet against mayor bloomberg and the new york city police department when it comes to keeping wall street open, shep. >> shepard: jonathan hunt. nice to see you. thank you very much. she stayed silent as four women accused her husband of sexual harassment. she is silent no more. for the first time, we're hearing from the presidential candidate herman cain's wife. plus, tonight, a warning from the centers for disease i
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don't and prevention. that warning, what the experts are now saying about popping those pills from the journalists of fox news. this is a monday fox report. [ male announcer ] there are only so many foods that make kids happy. and even fewer that make moms happy too. with wholesome noodles and bite sized chicken, nothing brings you together like chicken noodle soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> shepard: fox news is america's election headquarters. and one of herman cain's accusers fighting back now after the republic presidential candidate claimed i don't even know who this woman is. sharon by electric, her ex-boyfriend says they both met herman cain at a convention in 1997. by electric says she she
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claims he reached up her shirt and when she returned, she was upset. she said that something had happened and this mr. cain had touched her in an inappropriate manner. she said she handled it and didn't want to talk about it in now his wife is speaking out first time with greta van susteren here on the fox news channel. >> to hear such graphic allegations and know that that would have been something that was totally disrespectful of her as a woman, and i know that's not the person he is he totally respects women. >> well, three other women have accused herman cain of sexually harassing them as well. now the accusations are apparently taking a toll in the polls. jim angle is in our d.c. newsroom tonight. what's the numbers? what a switch. >> i will say, shep. several recent polls, though it isn't true whether the accusations is true. it is clear that herman cain is losing ground as a ult of
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of-os as a result of them. falling 11 points in a poll today and starting to lose steam in several others. in the meantime in that same poll, newt gingrich is on the rise. jumping from 8% to 22% in the latest poll. but as the republic presidential contenders continue to battle one another, they are all encouraged by new poll from politico which shows a generic republic candidate tied with president obama at 43%. >> the president was at 43%. incumbent president in a two-way race cannot get reelected at 43%. >> shep, the president has a year to fix that. republicans also have a year to unite around one candidate. shep. >> shepard: election season where the gaffes keep coming according to the observers, herman cain had another doosie today. >> yeah. in an interview with the milwaukee journal sent no. he was asked if he reported what president obama had done in libya. his answer got a little confused. listen. >> i do not agree with the way
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he handled it for the following reason. that's a different one. i got to go back. got all this stuff twirling around in my head. >> he went on to say he would have done better job determining who the opposition was before deciding what role the u.s. would play. >> i would have done a better job of assessing the situation, relative opposition first before i made decisions about what we would do. >> mr. cain also said he was not privy to all the intelligence the president was and couldn't know all a the facts the president did. shep? >> shepard: jim angle live in d.c. tonight. thanks. medicine now. well, actually, first, can you see greta van susteren's full interview with gloria cain, herman cain's wife on
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tonight's "on the record" 10 p.m. eastern and 9:00 in oxford on the fox news channel. if you took antibiotics the last time had you a cold. there is a chance the meds did more harm than good. centers for disease control in atlanta. launching a system to track antibiotics in hospitals. the cdc says half are not necessary at all. scientists say overprescribing makes the drugs less effective in the long run and creates super bugs that won't respond to any drugs. the new tracking program is to monitor antibiotic use in 5,000 hospitals across the nation. meantime good news for folks who have suffered and survived a heart attack. a new study by the insurance giant etna has concluded that heart attack victims who have free access to medicine are less likely to suffer another heart attack. that means insurance companies could make drugs such as stat tips free. the thinking is it is cheaper for insurance companies to supply those drugs than it is for mother major hospital
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event to happen. remember when the feds vowed to punish airlines for stranding passengers on the tarmac? the passengers bill of rights? well, it's just happened. next,which airline they are finding and how much that airline has to pay. plus, the last time the russians tried this, everything crashed and burned. did they get it right for today's critical mission? that's ahead as fox reports live tonight. more colorful. ♪ and putting all our helpers to work? so we can build on our favorite traditions by adding a few new ones. we've all got garlands and budgets to stretch. and this year, we can keep them both evergreen. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. make your season even brighter with 300-count icicle lights for just $7.48.
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were stranded on the tarmac. hundred thousand dollars fine. first such fine since the three hour rule went into effect. trace gallagher is live in our west coast news hub. sounds like the passengers may see some money for once. >> yeah. of that hundred thousand dollars fine, shep. $250,000 is supposed to go back to the passengers affected in the form of refunds, vouchers and frequent flier miles. american eagle says it has already compensated all of those passengers stuck on the carmack. the department of transportation says american eagle did have a procedure to get those people back to the gate, but it just took too long to put their plan into action. and the dot says it will aggressively pursue other
7:23 pm
airlines that violate that three hour policy, shep. >> shepard: how common is this sort of thing, trace? >> well, the department of transportation says before this rule it was very common and after the rule was put in place not so common. take a look at the numbers in the 12 months prior, -- in the 12 months after the law there were only 20. experts say that's only because airlines had been preemptively canceling flights and they say because of this fine, they will be canceling a lot more. listen. >> the reason they are doing that they can't take a risk of three hours from now the weather goes bad in laguardia like it might and having to pay $3 million to ray la hood and the department of transportation simply because they have to go to an airport where there are no facilities to unload passengers. they can't get around that. >> he goes on to say real problem is not the airlines it's the antiquated air traffic control system. remember that problem where they had in connecticut
7:24 pm
diverted planes from jfk to hartford. left a lot of planes stranded there. that was an air traffic control system messup. >> shepard: sure was and a big mess on jetblue. russia has launched first manned mission to the international space station. since nasa retired the shuttle fleet at least. >> lift off of the soyus. head toward the international space station for rendezvous. >> it blasted off before midnight eastern time overnight carrying one american and two russian crew members. russia had delayed the launch after unmanned so iuz rocket crashed back in auger. at the time at the warned they may have to temporarily abandon the station. the so soyuz expected to dock tomorrow. might have to go back in a ways in the history books to
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find what happened in europe had such far reaching consequences around the world. next, the comparison between the debt crisis and world war ii. plus, a major development in the talks to play basketball. why nba fans may have to settle for college hoops this season. hottie to they, bottom of the hour, top of the news, that's it. cribed lipitor, i won't go without it for my high cholesterol and my risk of heart attack. why kid myself? diet and exercise weren't lowering my cholesterol enough. now i'm eating healthier, exercising more, taking lipitor. numbers don't lie. my cholesterol's stayed down. lipitor is fda approved to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in patients who have heart disease or risk factors for heart disease. it's backed by over 19 yes of research. [ femalannouncer ] lipitor is not for everyone, including people with liver problems and women who are nursing, pregnant or may become pregnant. you need simple blood tests to check for liver problems. tell your doctor if you are taking other medications, or if you have any muscle pain or weakness.
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try smart balance buttery sead. 's heart-healthier than butter. with omega-3s. 64% less saturated fat. andlinically proven to help support healthy cholesterol. ♪ put a little love in your heart ♪ >> shepard: hoops no more. can you just about kiss this year's nba season goodbye. the player's association today rejected the latest offer to
7:29 pm
end the current lockout and began to disband the player's union. we're told it will also file an antitrust lawsuit against the league. at the center of it all, as it almost always is, money. in a nutshell, the player's union wants more than half of the league's revenue to go towards salaries and pensions and the like. team owner's' a 50/50 split. already cancelled the first month of the nba season, that was to have started two weeks ago. twstudents hurt after a group of gunmen assault them inside their college dorm room. and that tops our news across america. >> north carolina. a university spokesman says four to six armed men knocked on the door of that dorm room at fayetteville university south of raleigh. when those students answered the. >> it's been happening for a while. >> they got away with cash,
7:30 pm
debit card and a computer. >> utah, an avalanche near the snow bird ski resort outside salt lake city killing a 38-year-old snowboarder. rescuers able to save one other person who got caught in the slide there was no avalanche control on the mountain because the place hadn't yet opened for the winter. illinois. an explosion flattening a house on the southwest side of chicago. >> i thought it was a plane because there was a huge explosion. >> police say the blast hurt three people in that home as well as a firefighter. and it set several other houses on fire. one report says neighbors smelled natural gas before the explosion. kentucky. an 8-year-old crediting a pothole with saving her life. she says she accidently swallowed a locket that got caught in her esophagus. on her way to the hospital she says her mom hit a pothole which dislodge tnchtsd i was like thank you, bump. >> doctors say they will keep an eye on her and that's a fox
7:31 pm
watch across america. >> i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. the continuing concern about the stability of europe driving down stocks here at home. the dow, the nasdaq and the s&p all down. it comes after investigators today displayed weak demand for lending more money to illustrationly. the analysts say markets are doubting whether lenders there and greece for that matter will be able to resolve their debt problems as both countries rush to form brand new governments. >> europe today is in one of its toughest hours, maybe the toughest hour since world war ii. >> that ominous warning from angela merkel. reminder if italy and greece cannot fix their balance sheets, economists warn the problems will spread throughout europe and for that matter around the world. gerri willis is here from the fox business network. the loss of confidence in these country's debt has become very clear in recent days. >> you bet chavment the
7:32 pm
italian bond today yields at 6.2%. close to 7.2% tipping rate which the government can't afford to float debt. bad news coming out of italy tonight a bank called unicredit italy's biggest bank having $10 million loss. greek bonds. they may take thousands of layoffs. >> here at home though the billionaire investor warren buffet injecting confidence in the market. >> is he buying a lot of stocks. he doesn't buy one or two. he buys millions of dollars worth of stocks. look it starts with intel and ibm. what's interesting about this is that warren doesn't typically buy technology companies. he thinks they are too volatile. ibm more now of a service company in the technology space. that may be why is he drawn to it. but spending millions and millions and millions of dollars for this. >> spend away dr. buffet. >> you betcha. >> gerri willis part of the best team in business. her program airs 4 central on the fox business network.
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president obama is heading to australia nine day trip across the pacific. a week in hawaii with leaders. the president emphasizing the region's critical role in shaping the future of the united states. not everybody is getting behind the trade policies is he pushing. and tonight word of growing tension with an asian super power. the chief white house correspondent ed henry is live in honolulu tonight. ed on the heels of this economic summit you asked the president if his jobs bill is dead. what did he say? >> well, shep, he had a news conference here in hawaii last night. he made clear he still has hope for that jobs bill to get through congress. it's been two months. many speeches pushing that jobs bill. he has gotten very little of it. just really those veterans provisions that deal with veterans who have are out of work. he has done some executive orders. he has told me he is going to keep chipping away with executive orders. he believes between now and next november republicans will give in because they will not want to go home empty-handed. take a listen. >> i'm going to keep on
7:34 pm
pushing. my expectation is that we will get some of it done now. and i will keep on pushing until we get all of it done. and that may take me all the way until november to get it all done. >> the president saying that if republicans don't move forward on it. maybe there will be new leadership in congress after november 2012. meanwhile here in hawaii he got the framework for new trade deal transpacific partnership that would link together the u.s. with several asian nations. all tolled 500 million consumers. the idea being if you can increase u.s. exports to some of these countries, that will not solve the unemployment problem here at home but will put a dent in it, shep. >> shepard: ed, in china, they don't seem to like the president's proposals the a all. >> not at all. he had a meeting with president hu in china. trade deal interesting and notable because it leaves china out of it china was miffed about that instead the u.s. partnering up with
7:35 pm
vietnam and singapore. not so subtle signal from the obama administration that they will deal with others in the region and also if you look at the president's next couple of stops, no countries in asia beginning with a c. instead he will be going to australia, indonesia, clear signal again from the white house. they have other partners in the region, shep. >> shepard: ed henry live on another perfect afternoon in honolulu. ed, jealous, ank you. first daughter at one time chelsea clinton is trying a new line of work. journalism. nbc news announced she will be reporting on stories for its evening programs including nbc nightly news with brian williams. that's in addition to her work for her father's charity the clinton foundation. the peacock network has two first daughters on payroll back in 2009 the hired jenna bush as a correspondent for "the today show." it's going to be a late night for supporters of organized labor in the state of wisconsin. they are planning a rally and a pajama party or a series of
7:36 pm
them across the state. that starts at midnight. kick off an effort to recall the governor of that state. they will be collecting signatures in an attempt to oust scott walker. he helped push through a law earlier this year one that effect ended collective bargaining rights. the battle sparked round the clock protest the at the state capital. super committee is supposed to cut more than a million dollars from the federal budget. the president is sounding a bit impatient. one top republic says -- congressman says no problem. we are live in d.c. coming up. plus, would you look at this thing. a volcano putting on quite a show and officials say you can bring the whole family to see it for yourself. the details ahead as fox reports live tonight.
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's super committee to act. sole purpose to find a way to cut the deficit by more than a trillion dollars. leaders in the house and the senate hand picked the six republicans and six democrats on your screen back in august. hoping to avoid gridlock. so far the two sides are reportedly still at odds over the usual issues, taxes and cuts to entitlement programs. but today the house majority leader eric cantor predicted the committee will meet the deadline. and at least one democratic member of the super committee agrees. >> 10 days to do this and i really believe that all ingredients for a good resolution are there. we need to develop the will. >> that was yesterday. >> with less than a week and a half remaining and no deal. president obama seems to be voicing his frustration. mike emanuel with the news. live on capitol hill. and late today another democrat, mike, expressed a bit of optimism about this whole process. >> that's right. senate majority leader harry
7:41 pm
reid was asked and he said quote i feel better this week than i did last week. did he not elaborate. another top democrat, president obama called on the super committee to get it done. take a listen my hope is over the next several days the congressional leadership on the super committee go ahead and bite the bullet and do what needs to be done because the math won't change. there is no magic formula. >> there is a complicating factor. democrat congressman james clyburn, a member of the super committee says the democrats on the committee are not unified, so if all six are not unified behind one position, that makes it tougher in negotiation with the republicans, shep. >> shepard: top republic is now floating what he says is a new idea that he says is aimed at getting a break through
7:42 pm
here. >> taxes is a sticking point. jeff hence -- hencer isly said we could set the bar and let the individual relevant congressional committees write the details, figure out how you get there here is hencer is ling on that idea. >> there could be a two step process that would hopefully give us pro-growth tax reform. historically this is how we both produce jobs and more revenues for the government. >> experts say even if the super committee can come up with $1.2 trillion in savings, we are still heading for a debt crisis so tomorrow here on the hill, some bipartisan lawmakers will call on the super committee to go much, much bigger, shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel on capitol hill tonight. mike, thanks. former employees of the nigh now bankrupt financial brokerage mf global today filed a lawsuit that claims the company fired them illegally. you may know the former new jersey governor and senator for that matter, jon corzine ran the company until he resigned earlier this month and regulators have a lot of
7:43 pm
questions about how the company could have fallen apart. more than $600 million from customer accounts are now missing. and now more than a thousand mf global employees are out of work. and they are seeking class action status to try to get back unpaid wages and bonuses. leaders in sierra are facing growing criticism to stop the violent crack down on their own people. [gunfire] [explosion] >> shepard: opponents of the syrian president bashar assad released in amateur video which they claim show the government shelling their town. of course, we have no way to verify any of this because the syrians won't let any of our journalists in there the arab league which has suspended syria over violent response to protests announced today it is sending 500 people to the country to find out what the world in something on there. at the same time the european union has imposed more financial punishments on the country and notably jordan's king abdullah become the first arab leader to publicly call
7:44 pm
for the president bashar assad to step down. security forces rescuing two men who had been lost in a jungle for more than a week. and that tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. colombia, a joint crew from the country's air force and army finally reaching the two polish an throw poll gist after rough weather. they were boating down the river when they got lost. called for help satellite phone. rest of the team using -- researchers are exhausted but okay. congo, new eruptions at africa's most active volcano. now officials at the national park where it's located are inviting tourists to have a look. mountain has been blowing at the top for more than a week. park officials say it could keep up for a while and poses no threat to local population. thailand, floodwaters that have killed more than 500 people starting to recede. now the rebuilding begins.
7:45 pm
bangkok residents doing their best to navigate still flooded parts of the capital city as government officials start reconstruction efforts. to the north, workers at an elephant sanctuary trying to care for a herd of 80 animals. we're told there is just a thin strip of dry land where the big guys can roam. >> boeing 787 dream liner making debut at dubai air show. made of high tech material said to be more fuel efficient. report oman air, emirates air has ordered dozens of them. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> it's now been nine days since a little boy named sky vanished, supposedly, outside of seattle. now the boy's father says he thinks mom knows where that child is. a live report next. plus, a similar mystery in kansas city continues to get weirder by the day. now, could a phone call clear the parents of baby lisa? the lawyers would like for you
7:46 pm
to think so. we'll report. you decide. just ahead.
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>> shepard: investigators searching for missing toddler in washington state say the case may soon become a criminal investigation. the cops there say they have gotten hundreds of tips but found nothing solid at all. and after nine days, investigators now admit the odds of finding little sky, two years old, the odds of finding sky alive are getting worse by the day. you will remember the boy's mother claims she left him in her car after it ran out of gas in bellview, just outside of seattle. she says when she got back he was gone. the cops say that's impossible. that her car did not run out of gas. they have raised serious questions about her version of events. in a news conference today, police did not call the mom a suspect. and did not call her a person of interest.
7:50 pm
but in an interview this morning the boy's father said he believes this comes from a custody dispute over sky. >> she has had sky for the last ten months. so, i believe that she does know something. >> shepard: the father also pleaded with his wife to talk to police dan springer is our pacific correspondent live in bellview washington. police were supposed to have a news conference they cancelled it. do we know where they are in the search and the investigation? >> well, shep, certainly seems like a stalemate between the police and the boy's mother. she is not talking to the cops. what do police do when they run out of fresh leads they expand search area. that's exactly what happened through the weekend. 300 volunteers and police combed through a big park near the mother's apartment. they also recanvassed the neighborhood where the car was
7:51 pm
parked and found nine days ago. we did learn today that there are federal authorities, presumably fbi agents working this case in the ukraine where the mother is from. >> all theories are still viable. we have not ruled anything out as a possibility in this case and we are pressing forward with nothing ruled out at this point. >> and obviously struggles are running high with police. they desperately want the mother to come in for a second round of questioning. remember, she did file that initial report a week ago sunday but since then, has not talked directly with authorities. shep? >> you know, dan, a lot of people are expressing a great deal of frustration regarding this mother's story. the police have discounted what she says and they have actually, in some cases, come out and said point blanket mother is not telling the truth. >> they have done everything but call her a liar and call her a suspect right at this point. you know, they could possibly even charge her with some lesser crime like filing a false police report or even
7:52 pm
child endangerment. their goal obviously is to get her to come in and talk. they are afraid if they don't that will ruin any chances of her opening up and eventually saying what she knows about this case. the boy's father still believes sky is alive. he spent the weekend passing out about 2,000 fliers. i spoke with his brother today and he has convinced a friend of julia's is hiding this boy. the question is where and who. i talked to him and he he said that she is really reclusive. only has a couple of close girlfriends and he believes that the police must have already interrogated them. the question is what do they get out of them? are they any closer to finding out what happened to this little boy, shep? >> shepard: dan springer live in bellevue, washington. >> the lisa irwin has learned new details from the search. proves the mother and father were not involved in the baby's disappearance. you decide if they proved anything. he said investigators told him somebody made a phone call from the mother's cell phone
7:53 pm
shortly before midnight on the night that she claims lisa disappeared. apparently that call was to a woman named megan wright. a woman who says she doesn't know the irwins at all, never heard of them. his zaps mother says she was already asleep by then and that her phones disappeared the same time that lisa did. the family's lawyer says that phone call shows that the parents had nothing to do with it. of course, the mom also told fox news that she got drunk off boxed wine that night and may have blacked out for some unknown period of time. a federal prosecutor giving a harsh warning to parents about what he called a disturbing alternative to chicken post office pox vaccines. facebook groups asking infected children to lick lollipops and sending those to other kids across the country in hopes that those kids will build immunity. the prosecutor says it's a very bad idea for several reasons. first, it's illegal to mail a virus or disease anywhere. plus, tampering with consumer
7:54 pm
products is against the law. not to mention the health risk. and there are many. a doctor for federal centers for disease control and prevention says quote it's like playing russian roulette with your child. one u.s. marine snagged a pop star as her date to the marine corps ball. the photo evidence from justin timberlake himself. that's coming up in just a moment. and his thoughts on that special night. j.t. and his date straight away. x office makes it so easy. not only do they ship stuff, they print flyers, brochures -- everything i need to get my ne out there. that's the problem. now we need to give you a third identity. you're paul matheson. and you're gonna run your business into the ground. erik gustafson would never do that! there is no erik gustafson. hey that's erik gustafson!!! there is no erik gustafson!!!!! [ male announcer ] small business solutions. fedex. solutions that matter.
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7:58 pm
one of the most moving experiences of his life. he said i felt so proud to be there i felt like i was getting a chance to be among my heros. it's funny, too, because a lot of them are so younger than me. semper fi. before we go "the fox report" top five things of the day number five brad pitt says he plans to retire from acting in three years at age 50. so he can focus on producing. number four, the nfl is now investigating after cameras captured the jets coach rex ryan apparently cursing at a fan during last night's loss against the patriots. number three, the judge who released a former penn state assistant coach on bail has also volunteered for his charity. prosecutors accused coach jerry sandusky of sexually assaulting eight little little boys. number the two former boyfriend as could you seeing herman cain of sexual harassment today backed up part of her story. cain's wife has broken her silence and denied the allegations.
7:59 pm
and, number one, the supreme court has now set to hear a challenge to the president's health care law next year. and that's "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in 1965, u.s. troops battled communist north vietnamese forces in what would become the first major engagement of the vietnam war. it happened at a place called landing zone x-ray. a grassy clearing in the middle of enemy territory. first, the artillery. then, the air cavalry. but things did not go according to plan, not at all. soon after the u.s. troops hit the ground, the north vietnam memorials counter attacked. what followed, three days of intense and bloody combat. some 200 u.s. soldiers died. and many more were wounded. and the battle showed the american people that the situation in vietnam was likely going to get worse. and it did. but the cold war dan to -- began to heat up 46 years ago today. and now you know


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